Gratitude Series: 7 Things I’m Grateful For As A Parent

In 2015, I created a 90 day Gratitude Challenge in which I invited my followers to participate on Facebook.The purpose of the challenge was to elicit gratitude and self-reflection. In part, the challenge was a success. I was able to increase my self-awareness, have an attitude of gratitude, and engaged with my followers.

As part of a reflective process as a parent, I would like to explore reasons why I’m grateful for my three children.

Here are 7 things that I’m grateful for as a parent.

1. I’m grateful for the unconditional love that comes with parenting my children. Although, there are mommy shamers in the universe it’s with my children’s love I’m able to get passed it.

2. I’m grateful to experience and witness these wonderful human beings grow. In a world filled with stagnation, I marvel at the growth of my children whether it be physically, spiritually, emotionally, or intellectually. I’m ecstatic on seeing my twins take their first steps and my daughter continue blossoming into an independent thinking.

3. Creating everlasting memories such as family trips to Santa Cruz,Ca. I feel so grateful to travel with my children and learning new things.

4. Being a mom and parent carries heavyweight and responsibility. Yet, even the challenges of motherhood brings about gratitude. I’m tasked with teaching essential life principles.

5. I’m finally facing it, my children are hilarious. My daughter is a dramatic diva and even my twins are beginning to develop their comical skills. Laughter is essential for all parents survival.

6. I’m grateful for various aspects of spiritual healing through motherhood. The process of giving birth, breastfeeding, and recognizing the divinity of a mother’s spirit.

7. New perspective of life. Now, with every life experience births a new perspective. Especially, mothering three children. My tenacity for interchangeably seeing a new perspective has developed. Gratitude flows because of the new perspective my children give of life. Life of hope, love, growth, laughter, healing, fun memories, and challenges.

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