Popular Topics On Mom Blogs Reviewed

As a mommy blogger, I try to remain true to my own experiences as a parent. It’s so easy to get entangled with my own life, challenges, disappointments, success, and failures. Subsequently, for this blog post I will be focusing on popular blog post topics from my fellow mommy bloggers. My goal is to share increasing concerns, interests, and thoughts from other moms across the world.

My research began by searching mom blogs on WordPress. I observed topic frequencies, blogs posts, likes, and comments in selecting overarching topics on mom blogs. Here are the most popular top 8 topics on mommy blogs on WordPress:

Writing a Prompt: Look at the list of popular posts on other blogs moms write and share your own opinion on the topics.

Black Moms Perspectives

Many moms across the world are chiming in on the recent tragic police killing of George Floyd. A Black man, father, brother, son, and partner, gone at the negligent hands of Minnesota police. The disgust, rage, and hurt swept across the nation and around the global for the countless Black men and women that have died in the custody of police. Unfortunately, this halting justice systems as let many Blacks down and black mothers across the globe are blogging about it.

Blacks in America have and are having to deal with deep rooted issues of racial disparities, cultural appropriation, racism, and violence against the black body. In the article by Mia McKenzie, it’s suggested that children should be informed about racism in terms of the systems of oppression.

Gia Jones Article

It’s important to discuss issues of race, inequality, and injustice to promote change and acceptance in America. Reading mommy blogs speaking to the heart of Black America is liberating. Moms including myself expressing their concerns about living while Black. Overall, I thought these moms brought an important topic to the forefront in the experience of motherhood.


Growing Family

Moms on WordPress are blogging about their growing family and it’s beautiful. Many are celebrating new life, and pregnancies by announcing these life changing events. I enjoy reading posts about new pregnancies especially since I’m expecting my fourth child in October. It’s refreshing to hear new perspectives on parenthood. Needless to say this probably one my favorite topic to read on blogs.


Top 10 Lists

Parents generating top 10 lists on WordPress are creatively exploring important topics in parenting. Top 10 lists can be informative, fun, explorative, and reflective. I’ve generated numerous top 5 lists and top 10 lists. In fact, my Top 10 Mommy Hacks of Multiples and School Age Child offers insight and information to raising school aged and multiple children. As a mommy blogger, creating top 10 list



Blogger Award

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing blog posts that were geared to empowering and acknowledging the work of bloggers. Blogger awards are a unique way to recognize bloggers across the online world that may not get fair recognition. I think this is great idea and should continue in efforts to award hard work and diligence in writing.


Time Management and Busy Moms

Another popular topic amongst mommy bloggers was time management and life as a busy mom. This topic completely resonated with me as a mom, working professional, and writer. Many moms feel that there just not enough hours in the day. Developing a system that works for your family needs is essential. As a mom of three and expecting another little one, being labeled as a busy mom seems to be an understatement.



Covid-19 is a global pandemic that’s impacted many Americans lives in the year 2020. Mom across the nation have been tasked with assisting their children with distance learning during school closures. Mommy bloggers are posting about their experiences in quarantine. These reflective experiences are important to document a unprecedented period in American public health history.


Stay at home moms

Stay-at-home moms are sharing their experiences in an upbeat and heartfelt way on their blogs. This period in history presents a unique perception about life, staying at home, and motherhood. Mom bloggers are making the decision to stay at home with their kids after working full time jobs. One mom expresses the challenges and benefits of staying home as a way to process her own decision making. It’s tough for parents that just want what’s right for their kids.


Mental Health and Self-Care

As a counselor, mom, and advocate, I understand the importance of self-care. a Many moms are identifying top ways for other moms to care for themselves. Here are some examples of great ways moms can indulge in self-care:

  • Take a nice warm/hot bath
  • Meditate for 10 minutes a day
  • Write or journal for 15 minutes
  • Go for a 20 minute walk or do some yoga
  • DIY Medi and Pedi
  • Chat with a friend/family

I hope some of the suggestions and topics I presented are helpful to my readers. It was an interesting experience to discuss some of the popular posts on my reader feed. All the topics are essential and important in the world of mom bloggers. Please leave your comments and thoughts. Thank you.



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